Artist: Michael J Gasch
Medium: mixed media

Gasch Design
1649 Sunfield St.
Madison, WI 53704

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Artist's Statement

I love to make art. I am interested in creating artworks from any materials, anywhere. Using reclaimed materials I work to create simple yet thoughtful narratives that require the viewer time to digest. My art is not an extension of my ego, but an attempt to leave behind thoughts and concepts for people to ponder as I have. My goals in art are to create opportunities to fully explore an active mind and to leave behind visual references that enhance the viewer’s environment. I strive to reuse discarded materials and give them new life in the form of art, as I believe perspective is an important indicator to what we call art.


Michael Gasch began his experimentations with mosaics over fifteen years ago. Inspired by his Italian heritage, a background in the trades, and a passion for fine art, Michael has embarked on his own approach to architectural art. As a self-taught artist, over the years he has expanded on traditional mosaic techniques to create a variety of techniques that have enabled him to put forth a wide range of projects using an even wider range of materials. Michael crafts much of his works using salvaged materials. His ability to understand the technical concepts behind the art has allowed him to work with a wide array of durable materials and to problem solve in many situations. Working with architects, designers and private clients, larger scale permanent works and fine art mosaic wall hangings have provided the bulk of the works done in Michael’s studio, Gasch Design.