Artist: Michael J Gasch
Medium: mixed media

Gasch Design
1649 Sunfield St.
Madison, WI 53704

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Public Art

Large Scale Mosaics, Public Art & Community Involvement.

Large Scale Mosaics, Public Art & Community Involvement. To the right are digital renderings of a very large exterior stone mosaic titled "Exhale". Architects and designers may find these projects interesting not only visually, but also the way they incorporate the functionality of the building itself into the overall artwork. Accent lighting not only creates amazing depth and shadows, but also provides much needed task lighting for high traffic areas. The durability of the materials also provides a low maintenance exterior, which is always important in permanent, functional works of art. Possible locations may include walls, floors, ceilings and water features, in both interior and exterior locations.


fish mosaic

public mosaic art